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> I asked Marc on Facebook the true etymology of *yI'De'* -- is it yI'/sir +
> De'/vid = cervid, or is it yI'De' = Eddie = Moose? He wrote me back:
> "Hi, James! Nice to hear from you. Regarding **yI’De’** — Unfortunately,
> Maltz refuses to discuss these “coincidences” with me, so I won’t be able
> to help you. Go with whichever one makes the word easier to remember. Hope
> all is going well. All the best for the upcoming holidays."

Many, if not most, of Dr. Okrand's jokes hidden within the Klingon language
are references to movies and television, as that's the industry within
which he worked. I strongly suspect that I have nothing to do with this
particular "coincidence" (or, rather, that it is a genuine coincidence as
opposed to a "coincidence").

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