[tlhIngan Hol] How many valid Klingon words are there?

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Mon Aug 22 13:09:59 PDT 2022

Has anyone worked out how many valid Klingon words there are, in the sense
that they're words found in the dictionary or such words with legal

There's only a handful of {chuvmey}, which we can thus ignore for an
approximation. The majority of "words" will be verbs, followed by nouns.
Suppose that there are V root verbs and N basic nouns (i.e., verbs and
nouns with no affixes). Then how many valid verbs and nouns are there?

We can even go further and get a finer-grained count by considering which
verbs can't take objects and thus can only have a subset of the prefixes
applied to them. But as a first approximation which has about the right
order of magnitude, assume all verbs can take all prefixes. (It's very
tricky to handle {-moH} otherwise.)

Don't forget about the rovers, and the suffixes {-wI'} and {-ghach} which
turn verbs into nouns.

Has anyone computed this? Someone asked me for a list of all valid Klingon
words, and I did some rough calculations and came up with a number, but I
wanted to see if anyone else had done the calculation to double-check my


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