[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: nguv

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Apr 28 07:17:18 PDT 2022

Klingon word: 	nguv
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	be dyed, be stained, be tinted

chay' nguv 
How is (it) tinted? [i.e. What color is it?] (KGT)

mIn QanwI' nguv  
sunglasses (TNK)

ret'aq nguvmoH 
He/she stains the knife handle. (KGT)

(KGT 81-82):  Compared to Federation Standard, Klingon terminology associated with colors is rather limited. First of all, there is no noun meaning color. There is, however, a verb, {nguv}, which means something like "be dyed, stained, tinted", though it is seldom used except in the phrase {chay' nguv} ("How is [it] tinted?") or when suffixed with {-moH} ("cause") in the form {nguvmoH} ("dye, tint, stain"; that is, "cause to be dyed," etc.) -- for example, {ret'aq nguvmoH} ("He/she stains the knife handle").

(Lieven, 8/30/2019):  Marc Okrand explained the word for color. He agreed that his wording was bit confusing. KGT is correct saying that there is no noun for color in the sense of What color is that? or Red is a nice color. The new word {qalmuS} is used to distinguish the colorfulness of pictures, for instance. He pointed at a color photograph and said "That one has color" and then at a b/w photo and said "that one has not." 

(nIqolay Q, 9/02/2019):  The word color has multiple meanings. It can refer to a specific shade of light in the visual spectrum: That tree is a nice color. My favorite color is blue. It can also refer to the phenomenon of color itself: This movie is in color. Can dogs see color? {qalmuS} applies to the latter, not the former. If you're looking for other English words that might be more precise, you could also try more technical terms like colorfulness, chroma, or saturation.

  "Bright as a blade before it is stained with blood." (Lenore Karidian, TOS "The Conscience of the King")

chum 		be colorful (v)
Dem 		be clear, transparent, uncolored (v)

DIj 		use/paint with a pigment stick (v)
ngoH 		smear, paint using fingers (v)

qalmuS 		color (n) [general term, not specific]
rItlh 		pigment, paint, dye (n)

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