[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: ghol

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Wed Apr 20 07:32:05 PDT 2022

Klingon word: 	ghol
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	opponent, adversary
Source: 	TKD

ghom gholpu' 
The Opponents Meet (PB section title)

ngIq gholvo' wa'maH QaS yItlhap 
Collect 10 forces from every player.  (MKE)

ngIq gholvaD vaghmaH QaS yInob 
Pay each player 50 forces.  (MKE)

  "Admiral Kirk, this is your opponent speaking." (Kruge, ST3)

  "To be a warrior, one must have an opponent. Accordingly, antagonists or enemies are not deemed undesirable. At the very least, they are considered essential; in the case of truly worthy adversaries, they are admired." (TKW 201)

  "The second distinctly Klingon weapon is the {QIghpej}, a hand-held device that produces excruciating pain when pressed up against an adversary." (KGT 55)

  "To challenge one to a duel to the death, one hits one's adversary with the back of the hand ({chap})." (KGT 69)

  "As with {maqoch}, [{chaj}] is used only in addressing a true friend. If uttered by a female adversary, it is insulting; if uttered by a casual  acquaintance it is presumptuous." (KGT 202-3)

  "To slide the blade of one's *bat'leth* along the blade of the opponent's weapon" (KGT 59)"

goal (or ¡gol!)??  [source?]

jagh 		enemy (n)
jaghla' 		enemy commander (n)
pIqcho’ 		athlete (n) [qep'a' 2020]

'ov  		compete (v)
Quj 		play a game (v)
qaD 		challenge (v)
naH  		be hostile, malicious, unfriendly, antagonistic (v)

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