[tlhIngan Hol] Perfective with qualities / perfective and perfect

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Apr 12 06:35:23 PDT 2022

On 4/12/2022 9:28 AM, SuStel wrote:
> If I say *naH ja'chuqghach, vaj jImejpu' 'e' vIwuq**/The conversation 
> was hostile, so I decided to leave,/ I'm saying the conversation's 
> quality of hostility prompted me to leave, NOT that I left during the 
> conversation. I might have left during the conversation or afterward. 
> If I want to specify whether the leaving took place during or after 
> the conversation, I have to express this with other words than the verbs:

Sorry, my footnote was going to be: yes, I know that this might 
technically need to be *jImejpu' vaj 'e' vIwuq,* but saying this 
obscures my point a little, and I'm not convinced that I can't put an 
adverbial in front of an entire sentence-as-object construction as its 
own sentence. So for the purposes of this discussion, I'm going to put 
the adverbial in front.

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