[tlhIngan Hol] deanna now I understand you

D qunen'oS d.koun at outlook.com
Mon Apr 25 04:58:43 PDT 2022


When this damn bounce problem started, I wrote that this situation reminded me of Star Trek "Night Terrors" episode, where things kept getting worse and worse..

Yesterday, I joined this list with my yandex account, only to finally realize that three new problems appeared..

1. The Yandex android app didn't offer any formatting options.

2. For some go figure reason, the messages I sent from my yandex account couldn't be read in the archives. So, how the jay' would I be able in the future to point to a specific mail I sent?

3. (brace yourselves) Whenever I sent a Klingon message from Yandex, Yandex classified this message as spam, because apparently it cannot understand that Klingon is a real goddamn language. So, it required (each and every jay' time) captcha verification..

Charming isn't it? It was then when I understood Troy, when at Night Terrors she said something like "Under other circumstances this could be funny".

A part of myself wants to start cursing as if there's no tomorrow.. But since I've already cursed as if there's no tomorrow during the days I'm trying to figure out this mess, I'm already tired, so no. No more cursing.

So, I removed from the mailing list my Yandex account, and rejoined with my Outlook one.

Of course, the problem with the Outlook account was that (some?) messages from it ended in Spam, but I read somewhere that if you choose the option of utf-8 as mail format, instead of html, then usually this resolves the problem.

I sincerely hope, that I've finally found the solution, and that I won't have to deal with this problem again. Because, as I said before, it pisses me off having to deal with others' mess, with problems I didn't create nor I am responsible for.


jIHvaD Hov leng night terrors lut qawmoH bounce ghu'vam qay'; jIjatlhpu', qaSchoHpu'DI' ghu'vam. 'arghtaH 'entepray' ghu' 'e' bop Hov leng lutvam.

tetlhvam jeSwI' vImojqa'meH, wa'Hu' yandex mabwIj vIlo'pu'. 'a ghIq narghpu' wej ghu' qay' tugh 'e' vItu'.

1. QIn vIqonmeH, yandex android nIqHom vIlo'taHvIS, QIn ghe'choHmoHmeH DuHmey tu'lu'be'taH.

2. QIn vIngeHpu'DI', 'op ghu'meymo' vISovbe'bogh QIn tetlhvam tamey ngo'Daq QIn laDlaHbe' vay'. vaj tuch vay' vIqonpu'bogh vIrevnISchugh, chay' latlhpu'vaD QInvam vI'aghlaH?

3. (peghuH'eghmoH) Holna' 'oH tlhIngan Hol'e' 'a 'e' Dambe' yandex.. vaj QIn vIngeHmeH, jInIDtaHvIS, QInvamvaD spam Dam yandex, 'ej QInvam vIngeHmeH, captcha qaD vISIQ 'e' poQ yandex. Hochlogh jay'! 


'ej ngugh night terrors troy mu'mey vIyajchoHpu'; pa' jatlhpu' troy: pIm ghu' net jalchugh, chaq tlhaQ wanI'meyvam..

vaj mu'qaDmey vIbachtaH neHchoH wa' tIqwIj 'ay'; 'a qaStaHvIS jajmey vorgh, wejHa' mu'qaD 'Iq vIbachtaHmo' -ghu'vam vIDIghmeH, jInIDtaHvIS- wejHa' jIDoy'choHpu', vaj mu'qaDmey vIbachqa' vIneHbe'. 

'ej tagha' tetlhvamDaq yandex mabwIj vIbaqpu', 'ej outlook mabwIj vIchu'qa'pu'.

'a ('op) QInmey ngeHtaHvIS vay', outlook lo'chugh, QIn luneHbe'lu'bogh ngaSwI'Daq QInmeyvam lan 'op QIn nIqHom, 'ej qay'bej ghu'vam. 'a vogh jIlaDpu': utf-8 tu'qom lo' vay'; html tu'qom lo' 'e' qa'; qaSchugh DuHvam, QIn luneHbe'lu'bogh ngaSwI'Daq QInmey lanbe' QIn nIqHom.

ghu'vam (ghu'vam jay'..) vIDIghchu'pu' 'e' vItul, 'ej not jIHvaD Sengqa' ghu'vam 'e' vItulbej. wejHa' jIjatlhpu'mo':

Seng'e' qaSmoHpu'bogh latlhpu' vIDIghnISchugh, qoj ghu'mey qay''e' narghmoHpu'bogh latlhpu' vIDIghnISchugh, jIQeHchoHchu' jay'.

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ

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