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This is mostly of interest to people who are /not/ on this list, but I 
wanted to make it known here anyway.

In May I'll be teaching a course of basic Klingon grammar for Signum 
University, an online university with an adult continuing education 
program. It's a four-week course, meeting on Zoom twice a week, one hour 
per session, that will basically go over all the grammar in the second 
edition of /The Klingon Dictionary,/ with the occasional foray into 
later-learned grammar. I've tried to arrange the course in a more 
friendly-to-learn way than TKD, though with only eight sessions there 
are still times when I have to cram a whole bunch of suffixes into one 
session. I won't try to teach a huge amount of vocabulary — I'm not any 
good at the big piles of words we've gotten over the last few years — 
but the course will be taught to enable a student armed with a word-list 
or lookup app to put sentences together grammatically.

This is not a free course. As part of Signum's SPACE program, it costs 
$150 for a single token to take a single course, with discounts for 
buying multiple tokens. (And I'm not expecting to get paid for doing 
this.) The sessions are not recorded.

If it does well, there might be a "Klingon 2" course later, wherein I 
teach all the slang and idioms and colors and proverbs and familial 
terms and so on, and there might even be a course where we all read the 
Klingon Hamlet or some other book. (Hamlet would be great for the 
established connection between Klingon and Shakespeare, but a book with 
up to date grammar might be better.)

I listen to the podcasts of Corey Olsen, known as "the Tolkien 
Professor" and founder of Signum University, and in one podcast, while 
he was talking about new courses in his university's adult continuing 
education program, a live listener asked if they'd be offering Klingon. 
He said they didn't have any plans for it, but it would be a great thing 
to do. So I wrote to him and offered to teach a course. He was excited 
and connected me with the director of the program. It was a candidate 
course in March, and enough people signed up for it to confirm it as a 
May module. So that's how this came to be.

The course page: 

The SPACE program: https://signumuniversity.org/space/

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