[tlhIngan Hol] {-'egh} and {-chuq} with {-lu'}

luis.chaparro at web.de luis.chaparro at web.de
Thu Sep 16 06:55:12 PDT 2021


> You definitely shouldn't think of the Klingon indefinite subject as being related to any kind of passive voice. When you replace the subject with -lu', everything else about the clause remains the same except for the prefix.


> The thing to keep in mind here is that while the English passive voice CAN be a translation of the Klingon indefinite subject, the two are not equivalent. SuStel has pointed this out in the past.

Thank you for your replies!

I know, I didn't mean that there is a passive voice in Klingon or that *-lu'* works like passive does. Sorry, I may have expressed myself wrong. I was just wondering if Okrand had something like these active-passive transformations in mind when he decided how the prefixes were going to work. I wasn't trying to give an explanation of how *-lu'* actually works or what it really means :-)

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