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Wed Sep 22 10:39:43 PDT 2021

On 9/22/2021 1:01 PM, Steven Boozer wrote:
> That’s right.  AFAIK there are only four polysyllabic verbs known: 
>  {ghIpDIj} court martial, {He'So’} stink, {HoSghaj} be powerful, 
> {nughI'} twist knuckle into someone's head.  Hmm… perhaps “bisyllabic 
> verbs” would be better.  Did any more appear in the last two or three 
> qep’a’mey and qepHommey?

*nughI'* is a term borrowed from English, so I don't count it among the 
"legitimate" polysyllabic verbs.

qep'a' 27 gave us the slang word *Hampun*/yodel/. qepHom 17 gave us the 
onomatopoeias *ghughugh*/growl/ and *Qoghogh*/snort (like a pig)./ 
That's as far back as I'm going to look for now, but I seem to remember 
*Qoghogh* breaking the long dry spell of new polysyllabic verbs. And 
none of these appear to be normal, straightforward verbs.

Oh, and don't forget *lo'laH*/be valuable,/ which I believe Okrand said 
isn't necessarily just *lo' + -laH.*

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