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> So there *is* overlap between serpents and worms. I believe Okrand has
> even commented on this word, saying that originally he meant *ghargh* to
> mean anything like a serpent or a worm, just like the Old English word, but
> that when writers for *Star Trek: The Next Generation* writing the
> episode "A Matter of Honor" wanted a word for their newly invented plate of
> worms, they found *ghargh,* coached the actors to mispronounce it as
> *gakh,* and failed to notice the comma in the gloss, coming up with the
> new thing called *serpent worms.* Okrand later retrofit this mistake as
> *qagh,* accounting for both the mispronunciation and the wrong meaning. I
> don't have a citation for this information.
Does anyone have a citation for this story? I've also heard it, and it's
noted at the KlingonWiki page for {qagh} without a source. It just says
that Okrand told this story "During an interview...". Which interview? Is
there a recording or a transcript? It would be nice to confirm (or refute)
this story as legitimate.

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