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Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, October 22, 2021

Klingon word: 	yIv
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	chew

DeSvetlh yIv 
Chew that arm! PK (Clipped pet command) 

You chew me. KGT

muyIv romuluS Ha'DIbaH 
The Romulan animal chews me. KGT

 to'waQ yIv 
"chew ligament" (idiom)

(KGT 119):  This is an idiomatic way of saying "take some time to consider a matter." The origins of the phrase are unknown, but the imagery makes sense, since even with Klingon teeth, to chew (yIv) gummy ligament or tendon (to'waQ) takes longer than to chew most other types of food. The expression may be used as a command, as in {to'waQ yIyIv!} ("Chew ligament!"--that is, "Take your time thinking about it!") or as a statement, often with the verb suffix {-taH} ("continuous"), implying an ongoing activity, as in {to'waQ vIyIvtaH} ("I'm chewing ligament"--that is, "I'm in the process of taking my time considering the matter"). Though not necessarily derogatory, it is frequently used with negative connotations:  {to'waQ yIyIvQo'; DaH yIwuq!} ("Don't chew ligament; decide now!") or {HoD QaQbe' ghaH; reH to'waQ yIv} ("He/she is not a good captain).

(Lieven < MO, 3/07/2021; Die Sendung mit der Maus 50th Anniversary" in re "chewing gum"):  There is an idiomatic expression {to'waQ yIv} that means to take some time to consider a matter, but its meaning comes from the fact that {to'waQ} takes a relatively long time to chew (before swallowing), compared to other things you might be chewing, like muscle. It does not follow from this that Klingons chew {to'waQ} for pleasure, just because the flavor lingers longer or because it works off nervous energy. Maybe {req} would be better than {to'waQ} since, if you were to chew {req} [i.e. wax], you'd probably be doing it just for the purpose of chewing (and whatever pleasure or benefit that may bring in and of itself), unlike {to'waQ}, which you'd be chewing for the purpose of grinding it up so you could finally swallow it.

yIv 		 annoy, bother, irk, irritate (slang) (v)

(KGT 167):  This verb literally means "chew". In its slang sense, it is found in such constructions as {choyIv} (You bother me--literally, "You chew me") or {muyIv romuluS Ha'DIbaH} (The Romulan dog irks me; literally, "The Romulan animal chews me", where "Romulan animal" is a derogatory way to refer to a Romulan). The subject of {yIv} can be only a person or creature, not an inanimate object or a situation. Thus, it is inappropriate to say something like *{muyIv 'Iw HIq bIr} ("cold bloodwine chews me"). Standard ways to express the same idea are {nuQ} (annoy, bother) and {berghmoH} (irritate).

Suj 		disturb (v)

ngal 		be chewy (v)
  -   (KGT 84f.):  In terms of texture, Klingon food may be {ngal} (chewy), {char} (slimy), or {tlher} (lumpy), all considered positive attributes (depending, of course, on the particular dish).

Sop 		eat (v)
noS 		nibble (v)
chop 		bite (v)
ghup 		swallow (v)
waH 		taste (v)
roS 		lick (v)
rem 		suck (v)

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