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Klingon word: naQjej
Part of speech: noun
Definition: spear

Literally "sharp staff", but compounded and lexicalized, like {naHlet}.

naQjej 'etlh taj je 
spear, sword, and knife KGT

naQjej 'etlh je taj 
spear, sword, and knife (youthful error!) KGT

naQjej vIjuv 
I measure the spear. (st.klingon)

wej 'uj 'ab naQjej 
the spear has a length of three *uj* 
(the spear measures three *uj*, the spear is three *uj* long) (st.klingon)

 maghwI'Daq SIq naQjej 
the spear points at the traitor. 
He/she points at the traitor with his/her spear. (HQ 10.2)

maghwI'Daq SIq naQjejwIj 
my spear points at the traitor. 
I point at the traitor with my spear. (HQ 10.2)

maghwI'Daq SIqmeH naQjejwIj lo' SuvwI' 
the warrior uses my spear to point at the traitor, 
the warrior points at the traitor with my spear. (HQ 10.2)

 (KGT 64):  A general term for spear is {naQjej}, but, of course, there are specific types of spears. The {ghIntaq}, for example, is a battle spear, though it is also used ceremonially. The shaft of a spear is the {tIH}; the sharp tip or spearhead is the {QIn}.

(KCD):  A 2-3 foot long spear used to hunt {tIqnagh} in the {chontay} [ritual hunt], may also be called a {chonnaQ} 

(KGT 65):  It may have been noticed that some of the terminology associated with spears is identical to that associated with modern weaponry, and certainly the vocabulary of spear-throwing was adapted for the newer technology. The meaning of {tIH}, originally shaft of a spear, was extended to include shaft-like energy--that is, beam or ray. The verb {ghuS} means both lower (a spear) to a horizontal position in preparation for throwing and prepare to launch (a torpedo). The word {chetvI'} refers to both the tool used to help throw the {tlhevjaQ} spear and also a torpedo tube of a particular kind. Finally, though not connected to weaponry, the word {QIn} means not only spearhead but also message. In this case, it is not clear which came first. Perhaps the spearhead was always thought of as the message being delivered by the spear or spear wielder.

(KGT 64):  Some spears are simply thrust into an oncoming enemy. Others are generally thrown. The thrower first lowers the spear to a horizontal position (the verb describing this action is {ghuS}), then hurls it with great force (throw or hurl in this manner is {chuH}). The verb {chuH}, which is more accurately translated as spear--that is, hurl a spear at, can be used only if the projectile being thrown is a spear or somehow resembles a spear. The object of the verb is the intended target: {jagh chuH SuvwI'} ("The warrior spears the enemy", or "The warrior throws [a spear] at the enemy"). One way to indicate that the target is actually hit is to add the suffix {-chu'} (perfectly) to the verb:  {jagh chuHchu' SuvwI'} ("The warrior spears the enemy perfectly, The warrior hits the enemy [with a thrown spear]").

(KGT 64f):  There is a single verb, {wob}, that is used to describe the full range of activities involved in putting the spear properly into the spear-throwing aid and using the aid to hurl the spear:  {tlhevjaQ wob} ("He/she puts the {tlhevjaQ} into the {chetvI'} and hurls the spear"). In speaking of this type of spear and spear-throwing technique, it is still proper to use the verb {chuH} when talking about throwing the spear at a target.

(KGT 60):  The word {'etlh} is used for sword in general, but it really means blade of any kind. The {'etlh}, then, is a component of a knife and could be part of a spear as well.

  In the House of SepIch Rite of Ascension chamber, the {nuH bey'} has one bat'leth, one {naQjej}, and a {ghop 'etlh}, "A hunting spear weighted and balanced for throwing. Used only for the killing of feral beasts. One of three weapons traditionally displayed on the {nuH bey'}." (KCD)

naQjejHom  	arrow (n)

chonnaQ  	hunting spear (n) 
chetvI' 		spear-throwing device (n)
tlhevjaQ  	type of spear used in the {chetvI'} (n)
QIn vagh  	spearhead with multiple points (n)

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