[tlhIngan Hol] {'e' qa'} "instead of" with quotations

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For those unfamiliar with the idiom {‘e’ qa’} “instead of”, it was revealed at qep’a’ 2018:

(qep'a' 2018):  This is expressed idiomatically using the phrase {‘e’ qa’} “it replaces”…  Examples:
     ‘awje’ vItlhutlh; HIq vItlhutlh ‘e’ qa’
      I drink root beer instead of liquor
(literally: “I drink root beer; it replaces that I drink liquor“).
      jIQam; jIba’ ‘e’ qa’
      I stand rather than sit or I’ll stand instead of sitting
(literally: “I stand; it replaces that I sit“).   In everyday speech, shortcuts are often taken:
      ‘awje’ vItlhutlh; HIq (‘e’) qa’
      I drink root beer instead of liquor
(literally: “I drink root beer; it replaces liquor“).  Or in response to the question {HIq Datlhutlh DaneH’a’?}, one might say simply {‘awje’; HIq (‘e’) qa’} “rootbeer instead of liquor” (literally: “root beer; it replaces liquor”).  In the last two examples, the use of {‘e’} is optional. It’s grammatically not needed, but because of the common use of the {‘e’ qa’} construction, it’s sometimes heard anyway.

More examples of {qa’} “replace” were seen in Klingon Monopoly  (MKE):

   Quj wa'DIch MONOPOLY Huch nav qa' tlhIngan QaS
   Klingon forces replace original Monopoly bills. (MKE)

 CHANCE 'echletHommey COMMUNITY CHEST 'echletHommey je
     qa’ quv 'echletHommey vIq 'echletHommey je
  Combat and Honor cards replace Chance and Community Chest
    cards. (MKE)

  Quj wa'DIch juH qachmey mebpa'mey je qa' raQmey chu' monmey chu' je
   Custom Outposts and Capitals replace original Houses and Hotels. (MKE)


From: mayqel qunen'oS

So, similarly, wouldn't the following be correct too?

   < HeD > jatlhpu'; < HIv > jatlhpu' 'e' qa'
   instead of saying "attack" he said "retreat"

Of course, one could argue that the {'e'} of the {'e' qa'} isn't the "classic" {'e'} of a sao, but if that's the case, then even better, right?
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