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Surely there's another translation of "Le Petit Prince" you could use.  I did a quick check of OCLC, the international library cataloging cooperative, and found six English translations (by Sarah Ardizzone, Lucinda Karter Bent, Richard Howard, Ros & Chloe Schwarz, Vali Tamm, and Katherine Woods).  Failing that, you could translate it into English yourself.

If your French isn't up to it, here's an idea:  Set the copyrighted English (or German) translation you used aside and translate your Klingon version into English like DloraH did in his _ghIlghameS: A Klingon Translation_.  That would provide an in-universe Klingon "feel" to the text as well as serving as help for those readers whose own Klingon is a bit rusty or who aren't up on all the latest vocabulary and grammar/cultural insights from Okrand.


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I know this comes late, as the book was published in Germany in 2018. It could not be published with an English back translation as that one was copyright protected in the USA, and the copyright owner literally told me there was no way I could ever publish that in English.

He didn't say anything about Klingon though, so after thinking about this for a while and trying to find a solution, I finally decided to do it myself using a POD solution.

From now on, you can order the Klingon-only translation of the Little Prince directly on Amazon:

I've also worked on an ebook version, but Amazon does not accept Klingon ebooks, so that is found on the webstore of Klingonisch.de :

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