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> By the way, thinking of another fixed expression,*tu'lu'*: I know Okrand compared it to English *there's*  referring to plural, you were discussing that some weeks ago. But since I'm not an English native speaker, I don't know know how acceptable this use is in formal texts. Or in other words: when I write a formal text in Klingon, should I use *lutu'lu'* for a plural object, or is the form *tu'lu'* also acceptable?

It appears that *tu'lu'* is also a fixed expression. You can say things 
like *Dujmey tu'lu'*/There are ships./

I don't remember Okrand comparing English /there's/ referring to a 
plural noun. You wouldn't do this in formal English, and even in casual 
conversation saying something like /there's ships in orbit/ might be 
noticed, though it's unlikely anyone but a stickler would comment on it.

I don't think Klingon *tu'lu'* in reference to a plural noun can only be 
used informally. It is even used this way without comment when we are 
introduced to it *(naDev puqpu' tu'lu').*

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