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Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Klingon word: 	qoH
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	fool

Hagh qoHpu' neH HeghtaHvIS SuvwI'pu' 
Only fools laugh while warriors die.  PK

not qoHpu''e' neH ghIjlu' 
Only fools have no fear.  TKW

meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv qoH neH 
Only a fool fights in a burning house.  TKW

HIvbe' qoHpu' neH 
Only fools don't attack.  TKW

Hegh neH chav qoH 
A fool's only achievement is death.  TKW

qanchoHpa' qoH, Hegh qoH 
Fools die young.  TKW

qoH vuvbe' SuS 
The wind does not respect a fool.  KGT
(KGT 122):  The idiomatic expression {ghaH vuv SuS neH} ("he/she wants the wind to respect him/her") comes from the same story; it is used to mean "He/she is foolish" or "He/she is a fool".  For example, one might answer the question {qatlh betleHDaj tlhapbe'?} ("Why doesn't he take his bat'leth?") by saying {ghaH vuv SuS neH} ("He wants the wind to respect him"--that is, "He's a fool."  The expression can be modified to apply to different persons or situations:  {muvuvpu' SuS vIneH} ("I wanted the wind to respect me"--in other words, "I acted like a fool");  {bImaw''a'?  Duvuv SuS DaneH'a'?} ("Are you crazy? Do you want the wind to respect you?"--that is, "What's with you? Are you an idiot?"). 
(qepHom 2019 booklet p.18):   Unless one is playing word games, the verb {qID} doesn’t take an object. It’s normally used along with {jatlh} "say" as in: 
	qID. jatlh:  qoH SoH. 
	(He/she jokes. He/she says: “You are a fool.”)
or the other way around: 
	jatlh:  qoH SoH.  qID. 
	("You are a fool."  He/she is joking.)
Both of these could be translated something like: "He/She jokes that you are a fool.” 

"Obviously you do not know the difference between courage and foolhardiness."  (Kor, TOS "Errand of Mercy")

"{qoH!}"  I was not happy. "You did not engage the cloaking device fast enough. They have detected us." (Gowron, KCD novelization p.101)

"She's not dwelling in the past, like this {qoH}." (SAREK [novel])

Dogh 		be foolish, silly (v)
tlhaQ 		be funny (v)
jIv  		be ignorant (v)
QIp 		be stupid (v)

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." (Mark Twain)

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