[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: DIS

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 18 08:08:07 PST 2021

Klingon word: 	DIS
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	cave

QIStaq qoD DISDaq 
tu''egh qeylIS'e' 
DIS veghlu'chugh 
pa' Heghpu'bogh nuvpu' qa'pu' tu'lu' 

In the heart of *Kri'stak*, 
Kahless finds himself in a cave 
Leading to 
The world beyond the living  (PB p.122-23)


The Rite of MajQa is a ritual involving deep meditation in the lava caves of the planet No'Mat. Prolonged exposure to the heat is believed to induce a hallucinatory effect." (STE [1994]; TNG "Birthright I")

The monastery on Boreth is located above lava caves used for seeking visions of Kahless. (TNG "Rightful Heir")


"Mined from the caves at Konohk, blood stone is a rare molten mix of unique Klingon minerals. When a vein is first found the material is in a blood red putty-like state. As soon as it hits the dense Klingon atmosphere it begins to harden and must be worked quickly. When it has fully hardened, it becomes a very dense material that is used for dice, gaming stones, pipes and jewelry." 
(Brian Stone; see the picture at briansbazar: http://www.dicecollector.com/NUMBERED_OPAQUE_SHARP_SOLID_BRIANS_BAZAR_KLINGON_BLOODSTONE_01.jpg )

pa’ beb De’lor 		stalactite (n)
rav De’lor 		stalagmite (n)
'och 			tunnel (n)
Qargh 			fissure (n)
HuD 			mountain (n)
qulHuD  		volcano (n)
vaHbo' 			lava (n)

Do not confuse with the homophonous noun {DIS} "year" or the verb {DIS} "confess".

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