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> Am 11.11.2021 um 14:12 schrieb Will Martin:
> > Perhaps in a book {taymey} would be a forward, introduction, afterward,
> or appendix.
> Sorry for nitpicking, and I might be wrong, but isn't that called
> "foreword" instead of "forward"?
> I'm serious, rally, I don't know. I've seen that in books sometimes and
> I'm really not sure if it's a typo or really the same.

Yes, it's a common misspelling. A short introduction to a book that goes
before the main contents is a "fore-word" (as in "word"s that go be"fore").
It's pronounced the same way as "forward" (to go to"ward" the front), which
is why they're often confused.

(A good name for a TNG-themed bookstore would be "Ten Foreword".)

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