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Mon Nov 8 09:03:31 PST 2021

On 11/8/2021 11:28 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> Yeah, but it gets really interesting when you try to say, “My ship is 
> faster than your ship.”

Yes, I said that. "The only time the lack of a verb for /be fast/ is a 
problem is when you want to compare speeds — *nom leng*/travel fast/ 
doesn't fit into the Q of a comparative"

> I mean, I like recasting things, but this feels worse than not having 
> a question word for “which” and people whined about that for years.
> {Do qaD lujeSchugh DujlIj DujwIj je, Qapbej DujwIj!}
> {ngoQmajDaq DujlIj Sum law’ DujwIj Sum puS ‘ach nom ghoSlaHqu’mo’ 
> DujwIj, pawlaHpa’ DujlIj, pawta’ DujwIj, jay’!} [seems a little wordy 
> for competitive banter]
> {qIbDaq DujwIj nom ghoSlaHghach Doj law’ Hoch Doj puS!} [Han Solo 
> would probably look askance at his Klingon translator after THAT 
> translation, though one might argue that it does a decent job of 
> getting to the core of the boast.]

I daresay we can do better than that.

*DujwIj Do laH vItlh law' DujlIj Do laH vItlh puS*/My ship is faster 
than your ship/ (referring to potential speed).

*DujwIj Do vItlh law' DujlIj Do vItlh puS*/My ship is faster than your 
ship /(referring to current speed).

*qIbDaq DujwIj Do laH vItlh law' Hoch vItlh puS*/My ship is the fastest 
in the galaxy/ (referring to potential speed).

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