[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: romuluSngan

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Fri Nov 12 06:04:27 PST 2021

Thank you again for your replies! I would like to try with some *everyday* examples :-)

If I understand it right, there are situations in which it's not the same to use the name of a planet/country/region/political unity or the name of the inhabitants. For example, if I want to speak about the money my country has (how rich my country is), I could say:

*'eSpanya' Huch* (The money of Spain)

If I want to speak about the money Spanish people have (how rich Spaniards are), I could say:

*'eSpanya'ngan Huch* (The money of the Spaniards)

But if I want to refer to the old Spanish currency (the *peseta*) we had before the Euro, then I could say both:

*'eSpanya' Huch* (The money of Spain or Spanish money),
*'eSpanya'ngan Huch* (The money of the Spaniards or Spanish money),
since speaking about *origin* is something we can usually do referring to the place or to the people who live in this place (of course, there were Spaniards who didn't live in Spain and used other currencies, but in a normal conversation and given the correct context, such an identification shouldn't be problematic, and I hope that's so for Klingons too).
Or being at a German cooking competition with participants from different countries, if I say:
*'eSpanya'ngan nay'* (The dishes of the Spaniards),
it's obvious that I refer to the *German* food the Spaniards have cooked, whereas:
*'eSpanya' nay'* (The dishes of Spain)
would make no sense in this context. But speaking of the Spanish cuisine, we could say both:
*'eSpanya'ngan nay'* (The dishes of the Spaniards or Spanish dishes)
*'eSpanya' nay'* (The dishes of Spain or Spanish dishes)
Did I get it?

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