[tlhIngan Hol] new word: chotlh

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 11 09:40:58 PST 2021

Sort of the opposite of {ghan} "glance at, take a quick look at" but similar to {nuD} "examine, look at, inspect" :

  nItlhejbogh petaQmey tInuD 
  Look at these p'takhs at your side (PB, Molor to Kahless)

  wa' qa' nuD veqlargh, latlh qa' nuD veqlargh 
  the Fek'lhr inspects them one by one (PB)

The last example suggests that {nuD} shows professional or scientific interest, while {chotlh} is displays a more personal or absent-minded interest?  


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for my translation of Alice, we discovered another word which I think is very useful, and I wonder why we had never had (or needed) this before.  I think that none of the existing {legh} and {bej} really cover what this means:

The word {chotlh} means "stare at" or "gaze at" or "observe."  You'd also use it (often without an object) to mean staring off into space, staring at nothing in particular, zoning out. So it's used when you're looking at something intently, with a lot of focus, but also when you're not particularly focused. It can also be used for "ogle." Context clarifies which sort of connotation is intended.

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