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Thu Nov 4 08:25:40 PDT 2021

On 11/4/2021 11:00 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> I'm inclined
> to start using {Hergh qulcher}.

Odd. The KLI's New Words List doesn't list *qulcher*/cream/ separately 
from *nIm qulcher taD*/ice cream./

In English, /cream/ by itself might be assumed to be a kind of food, or 
it might refer to any substance of that texture. It really depends on 
how it's used.

In Klingon, we also have the word *'Ir*/be creamy, pasty,/ which has the 
note "in the sense of toothpaste. Describes smooth, thick liquids or 
liquid-like things." So the substance you want can definitely be 
described as *'Ir,* and in a pinch you could describe it as 
*'IrwI'*/creamy thing, pasty thing./

Since the Klingon describes ice cream specifically as *nIm qulcher 
taD*/frozen milk ??????,/ and since *'Ir* and *qulcher* were given to us 
in the same *qep'a',* I am inclined to believe that *qulcher* can refer 
to any substance with a creamy, pasty texture, not just dairy-based 
cream. If this is correct, then an unguent is a kind of *qulcher.*

Then there's the pun: the word *qulcher* sounds like /culture,/ which is 
what you use to grow things like bacteria. A yogurt culture is the 
bacteria used to make yogurt, and yogurt is creamy, but you usually 
don't call yogurt /cream./

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