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Mon Nov 1 15:52:06 PDT 2021

On 11/1/2021 6:39 PM, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> (I know, I don't usually answer here.  Fact is, I hardly ever even see 
> posts from this list _except_ ones from SuStel, which for whatever 
> reason aren't sorted into the right mail bucket.  But just something 
> to mention.)

chaq .name par QIn pojwI'lIj.

> On 11/1/21 11:54, SuStel wrote:
>> We have different words for the noun /wind/ and what it does, /blow./ 
>> I'm not sure Klingons would say things like *SuS SuS* /the wind 
>> blows,/ because it's just saying the same word over again. I suspect 
>> they'd say something like *SuS 'e' DaQoylaH'a'*/Can you hear it 
>> blow?/ meaning, sort of, /Can you hear that it is windy? /This is 
>> just my guess.
> Not that there's anything wrong with your suggestion, but do note that 
> "just saying the same word over again" is not all that uncommon or 
> strange-sounding in many languages.  You can live your life or die a 
> horrible death; W.S. Gilbert's Judge in _Trial by Jury_ sings of how 
> he "danced a dance," or you can sing a song.  OK, these are not 
> _precisely_ the same words, but you could probably find examples like 
> these that have the same word.
That's true, and I'm probably overreacting. But I think it's the exact 
repetition that bothers me.

"Excuse me, darling, but what is it exactly that you do do?"

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