[tlhIngan Hol] Sorry for asking again about *-'e'* as topic

luis.chaparro at web.de luis.chaparro at web.de
Wed Nov 24 04:40:43 PST 2021

Although this question has to do with my last text, I want to ask a bit more generally, so I thought it's better to post it in a new thread.
I know the use of *-'e'* as topic (except in copulas and superlatives) is problematic. I just want to know if I have understood what's right and what's not. In my text I wanted to say: *It will be Christmas soon. As for Spain, we decorate our homes between December 6th and 8th*. I understand now this sentence is too long and I shouldn't try to use a topic here. But then we have the example *cheng'e' DaH Sam!* and in the PB, at the beginning, the sentences with *DaH tIQoy*.

So my question is: if the sentence structure is simple, could I use *-'e'* as topic? For example:

*Soj'e' tIr ngogh wIje'nIS* (*As for the food, we need to buy bread*)

Thank you and sorry for asking so much!

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