[tlhIngan Hol] new words from #KlingonAlice

Lieven L. Litaer levinius at gmx.de
Sat Nov 13 02:58:35 PST 2021

Here's a list of all new words that appeard in the Klingon translation
of Alice. I'm working step by step to include them and the information
into hte Klingon Wiki page.

chotlh 	stare at, gaze at, observe
DuHSum 	lobster
Dul 	sigh; This verb takes no object.
ghI'van 	gryphon [mythological animal with the body of a lion with wings]
Halrov 	treacle, syrup
Her'IS 	bird with a long neck, long legs
HIl 	make someone's presence known
HIl'egh 	make your own presence known
HIt 	think [have an inner conversation]
mel'ogh 	chrysalis
mIwba' 	trial [the process of what happens at court]
neSngech 	dormouse-like animal
ngIbvay 	weird animal found on Kronos that looks like a rock
pu'veng 	twig; also: cat's whiskers
qer 	shrink [get smaller, general]
qerHa' 	un-shrink [grow back to original size]
Qa 	grow (increase in size) [general term]
QaHa' 	un-grow [shrink, get smaller back to original size]
rab 	be gigantic, be huge, be humongous
SetqIn 	(adverbial) alternatively, instead, rather
woSwa' 	armadillo-like animal
woSwa' ghew 	rolling bug [like a pillbug]

Some more words appeared that were made fromexisting parts:

Durghang qung 	keyhole
joqmoH 	wave a fan [or anything else]
logh'ob 	chest = front of something
(tera') na'ran chang 	marmalade (lit. gelatinous orange)
(tera') na'ran HuH 	marmalade (lit. orange slime)
pob 	animal's hair or fur
qIp 	knock, hit (with hand, fist...)
reD 	side [of something]
reS 	grow (flowers/plant/vegetables) [as in "she grows carrots"]
rewve' mIjDang 	fan, handheld fan; also: SuS mIjDang
Sa'Hut 	back [of something]
SuS mIjDang 	fan, handheld fan; also: rewve' mIjDang
Sut veragh 	button [part of clothing]
tIr ngat 	bread crumbs
vatlhmoH 	roll up [like a scroll]
wuqwI' 	juror [literally "decider"]
wuqwI' ghom 	jury
'opDIch 	nth
'oplogh 	several times


See a preview of the book here: https://alice.klingonisch.de/english

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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