[tlhIngan Hol] lightning lightning bolt and {pe'bIl}

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Mon May 24 07:50:03 PDT 2021

Thank you SuStel, voragh, and charghwI' for taking the time to reply.

> Or is lightning (the general phenomenon) an attribute
> of another god whom you need to distinguish from Zeus?

No, the only god in reference to whom I've seen the lightning bolt is Zeus.

In the beginning, I hadn't given much thought to this matter, and used
{pe'bIl}, because I thought that in English lightning and lightning bolt
were actually the same. Until I wondered why all English sources about Zeus
say "lightning bolt" instead of just "lightning". It was then when I became
confused. On the other hand though, I thought "but I've never heard someone
say in English 'he was hit by a lightning bolt', so how much of a
difference can there be"?

Anyways, I understand now, so thanks. I'll just keep using {pe'bIl} on its'

~ Dana'an
*o zeus, o father, o king!*
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