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> A German pun seems appropriate for the qepHom.  De’vID, have either you or
> Lieven kept a list of German puns in tlhIngan Hol?  I’ve know of a couple
> but I imagine you both will have noticed more.

No, I haven't kept a list specifically of puns made from German words.

There is one word which I was so sure was a German pun, but which Dr.
Okrand has said is a completely unintentional coincidence: {Durghang}
"lock". Locked doors often have a sign that says "kein Durchgang" (no
passage) in German. (But maybe he saw a lot of these signs and
subconsciously made the association.)

A related word there is {bot} "prevent, block, prohibit", which might be
from German "verboten". Another word which might be from a German verb is
{Such}, which has the same meaning as German "besuchen".

{pa'logh} "never" might be inspired by the German "damals" ("da" = "there",
"mals" = "times").

The similarity of {chur} to "Schur" (related to the English word "shear")
as in "Schurwolle" (virgin wool), which is considered uncomfortable, might
be just a coincidence.

The similarity of {nIyma'} to German "niemand" seems to be a coincidence,
as it's actually based on someone's name.

The affirmative answer {HIja'} seems to be composed of the affirmative
answers in Japanese (hai) and German (ja).

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