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*Euryalus* - He is named on a late sixth century red-figure cup (Akropolis
2.211) and an early fifth century red-figure cup (British Museum E 47)
fighting Hephaestos.

*Eurymedon* - According to Homer, he was a king of the Giants and father of
Periboea (mother of Nausithous, king of the Phaeacians, by Poseidon), who
"brought destruction on his froward people". He was possibly the Eurymedon
who raped Hera producing Prometheus as offspring (according to an account
attributed to the Hellenistic poet Euphorion). He is probably named on
Akropolis 2134. He is possibly mentioned by the Latin poet Propertius as an
opponent of Jove.


*euryalus* - DortaHvIS vatlh DIS poH javDIch, mIlloghmey Doqqu’ Sar HIvje’ (
*akropolis* 2.211) chenmoHlu’pu’, ‘ej pa’ *euryalus* pong tu’lu’.
qaSchoHtaHvIS vatlh DIS poH vaghDIch, mIlloghmey Doqqu’ Sar HIvje’ (‘Inglan
‘angweD *e* 47) chenmoHlu’pu’, ‘ej pa’ *hephaestus* Suv *euryalus*.

*eurymedon* - *giants* voDleH ghaHpu’ *eurymedon*‘e’, *periboea* vav ghaH,
‘ej ghaHmo’ vInDa’Daj luQaw’lu’pu’; Hochvam SovmoH *homer*. *poseidon*‘mo’
*nausithous* SoS ghaH *periboea*‘e’, ‘ej *phaeacians* voDleH ghaHpu’
*nausithous*‘e’. pe’vIl *hera* ngaghpu’mo’ wa’ *eurymedon*, boghpu’
*prometheus*, ‘ej chaq rap *eurymedon*vetlh *eurymedon*vam je. DuHvam mung
‘oH wa’ lut’e’, ‘ej lutvam mung ghaH *hellenistic* ghuQ qonwI’ *euphorion*‘e’
‘e’ Har ‘op. *akropolis* 2134Daq *eurymedon* pong tu’lu’law’. *jove* ghol
ghaH *eurymedon*‘e’, jatlhlaw’pu’ ‘Italya’ tIQ ghuQ qonwI’ *propertius*.

~ Dana'an
*'o Qunpu' nuvpu' je vav, 'o olympus voDleH, 'o zeus Dun!*
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