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*Clytius* - According to Apollodorus, he was killed by Hecate with her

*Damysus* - The fastest of the Giants. Chiron exhumed his body, removed the
ankle and incorporated it into Achilles burnt foot.

*Enceladus* - A Giant named Enceladus, fighting Athena, is attested in art
as early as an Attic Black-figure pot dating from the second quarter of the
sixth century BC (Louvre E732). Euripides has Athena fighting him with her
"Gorgon shield" (her aegis). According to Apollodorus, he was crushed by
Athena under the Island of Sicily. Virgil has him struck by Zeus' lightning
bolt, and both Virgil and Claudian have him buried under Mount Etna (other
traditions had Typhon or Briareus buried under Etna). For some Enceladus
was instead buried in Italy.


*clytius* - *clytius* HoHmeH *hecate*, SechmeyDaj (Sechmey’e’ ghajbogh
*hecate*) lo’pu’ ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*.

*damysus* - nom vIHlaH *damysus*; *damysus* Do vItlh law’ Hoch *giants* Do
vItlh puS. *damysus* porgh molHa’ta’ *chiron*, porghDajvo’ ngIb chevta’,
‘ej *achilles* qam meQlu’pu’bogh *damysus* ngIb je rarta’.

*enceladus* - qaStaHvIS bov ‘eq, narghpu’ *enceladus* pong: *attica*
mIlloghmey qIj Sar ngaSwI’ (*louvre* *e*732) tu’lu’, ‘ej qaStaHvIS vatlh
DIS poH javDIch bID wa’DIch bID cha’DIch (bov vorgh), ngaSwI’vam
chenmoHlu’pu’. ngaSwI’vamDaq may’ Dellu’; *athena* Suv *giant*, ‘ej
ngaSwI’vamDaq *giant*vamvaD *enceladus* ponglu’. *enceladus* Suv *athena*,
‘ej SuvtaHvIS be’ ghaHbogh Qunvam’e’, *gorgon*-yoDDaj (*aegis*Daj) lo’
*athena*; Hochvam SovmoH *euripides*. *enceladus*Daq *sicily* ‘ambay
vo’pu’mo’ *athena*, *giant*vam tappu’ ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*. *enceladus*
qIppu’ *zeus* pe’bIl, jatlh *virgil*, ‘ej *etna* HuD bIngDaq *enceladus*
mollu’pu’, jatlh *virgil* *claudian* je. ‘ach *etna* bIngDaq *typhon*
*briareus* ghap mollu’pu’ ‘e’ SovmoH ‘op lurDech. ‘Italya’Daq *enceladus*
mollu’pu’, jatlh ‘op nuv.

~ Dana'an
*o father of gods and men! o king of olympus! o zeus!*
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