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*Aristaeus *- According to the Suda, he was the only Giant to "survive". He
is probably named on an Attic black-figure dinos by Lydos dating from the
second quarter of the sixth century BC, fighting Hephaestus.

*Asterius* ("Bright One" or "Glitterer") - A Giant (also called Aster),
killed by Athena whose death, according to some accounts, was celebrated by
the Panathenaea. Probably the same as the Giant Astarias named on the late
sixth century Siphnian Treasury. Probably also the same as Asterus,
mentioned in the epic poem Meropis, as an invulnerable warrior killed by
Athena. In the poem, Heracles, while fighting the Meropes, a race of
Giants, on the Island of Kos, would have been killed but for Athena's
intervention. Athena kills and flays Asterus and uses his impenetrable skin
for her aegis. Other accounts name others whose hide provided Athena's
aegis: Apollodorus has Athena flay the Giant Pallas, while Euripides' Ion
has Gorgon, here considered to be a Giant, as Athena's victim.


*aristaeus* - taHpu’bogh *giant* neH ghaH *aristaeus*‘e’ ‘e’ SovmoH *suda*.
qaStaHvIS vatlh DIS poH javDIch (bov vorgh) bID wa’DIch bID cha’DIch,
*attica* mIlloghmey qIj Sar DuDmeH maHpIn DIjpu’ *lydos*, ‘ej may’ ‘agh
DuDmeH maHpInvam. may’vamDaq *hephaestus* Suv *giant*, ‘ej *giant*vamvaD
*aristaeus* ponglaw’ *lydos*.

*asterius* (wovwI’/ghonwI’) - *giant*vamvaD *aster* ponglu’ je. *asterius*
HoHpu’ *athena*, ‘ej HeghDajmo’ *panathenaea* luloplu’ ‘e’ SovmoH ‘op.
*siphnian* *treasury*Daq wa’ *giant*vaD *astarias* ponglu’, ‘ej ghaytan rap
*asterius* *astarias* je. Sub lut Delbogh ghuQ nI”e’ tu’lu’, ‘ej ghuQvamvaD
*meropis* ponglu’; wa’ SuvwI’ le’ Del ghuQvam, SuvwI’vamvaD *asterus*
ponglu’, ‘ej *asterus* rIQmoHlaH pagh ‘e’ SovmoH *meropis*, ‘ach tagha’
*asterus* HoH *athena*. ghaytan rap *asterius* *asterus* je. latlh may’ Del
ghuQvam: *kos* ‘ambayDaq *meropes* (*giant* Segh) SuvtaHvIS *heracles*,
tlhoS *heracles* luHoHpu’ *meropes*, ‘ach munpu’mo’ *athena*, taHpu’;
*asterus* HoH ‘ej Surgh *athena*, ‘ej *aegis*Daj chenmoHmeH *athena*,
*asterus* DIr’e’ ghIDlaHbogh pagh lo’. *athena* *aegis* DIr mungvam Del
*meropis* ghuQ, ‘ach pImbogh mung lu’otHa’ latlh: *pallas* *giant* Surghpu’
*athena* ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*, ‘ach *gorgon* Surghpu’ *athena* ‘e’
SovmoH *euripides*’ *ion* lut (qaStaHvIS lutvam, *gorgon*vaD *giant*

~ Dana'an
*o father of gods and men! o zeus!*
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