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(the giants aren't considered to be gods, but since they're mentioned in
their stories, I'll include them)


*Agrius* - According to Apollodorus, he was killed by the Moirai (Fates)
with bronze clubs.

*Alcyoneus* - According to Apollodorus, he was (along with Porphyrion), the
greatest of the Giants. Immortal while fighting in his native land, he was
dragged from his homeland and killed by Heracles. According to Pindar, he
was a herdsman and, in a separate battle from the Gigantomachy, he was
killed by Heracles and Telamon, while they were traveling through Phlegra.
Representations of Heracles fighting Alcyoneus are found on many sixth
century BC and later works of art.

*Alektos/Allektos* - Named on the late sixth century Siphnian Treasury
(Alektos), and the second century BC Pergamon Altar (Allektos).


*agrius* - *agrius* luHoHpu’ *moirai* (*fates*), ‘ej luHoHmeH, jey’ Sorpuq
jeqqIjmey lo’pu’; ngoDmeyvam SovmoH *apollodorus*.

*alcyoneus* - *alcyoneus* *porphyrion* je Dun law’ Hoch *giants* Dun puS
‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*. SepDajDaq SuvtaHvIS *alcyoneus*, jubtaH, vaj
*alcyoneus* HoHmeH *heracles*, SepDajvo’ Hoqpu’, ‘ej ghIq HoHpu’. ‘ach
latlh *alcyoneus* lut tu’lu’, ‘ej pIm lutvam, *giants* noH je; jatlh
lutvam: Du’ Ha’DIbaHmey QanwI’ ghaH *alcyoneus*‘e’, ‘ej *phlegra*
luchIqtaHvIS *heracles* *telamon* je, *alcyoneus* luHoHpu’; ngoDmeyvam
SovmoH *pindar*. *heracles* *alcyoneus* je may’ lu’agh vatlh DIS poH
javDIch (bov vorgh), vatlh DIS poHmey veb je vIqraq law’.

*alektos/allektos* - cha’nob’e’ nobbogh *siphnos* veng-Sep Qanlu’meH,
*delphi*Daq qach chenmoHlu’pu’, DortaHvIS vatlh DIS poH javDIch (bov
vorgh); qachvamvaD *siphnian* *treasury* ponglu’. qachvamDaq *giant*vamvaD
*alektos* ponglu’, ‘ach vatlh DIS poH cha’DIch (bov vorgh) *pergamon*
‘anmoHmeH DaqDaq *giant*vamvaD *allektos* ponglu’.

~ Dana'an
*zeus was, zeus is, zeus will be; o great zeus!*
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