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*Asteria* - Goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars.

*Astraeus* - God of dusk, stars, and planets, and the art of astrology.

*Atlas* - God forced to carry the heavens upon his shoulders by Zeus.
Presumed to be the god of endurance and astronomy. Also Son of Iapetus.

*Dione* - Goddess of the oracle of Dodona.

*Helios* - God of the sun and guardian of oaths.

*Selene* - Goddess of the moon.

*Eos* - Goddess of the dawn.

*Epimetheus* - God of afterthought and the father of excuses.


*asteria* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; qaStaHvIS ram, De’ ‘otHa’meH wa’ Qun, nuv
ghogh lo’, nuvvam SeHtaHvIS; ram De’vam, pumbogh Hovmey je Qun ghaH

*astraeus* - loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; tlhom, Hovmey, yuQmey je Qun. Human tera’
je wanI’mey SIgh Hovmey yuQmey je ‘e’ Harmo’ ‘op, Hovmey yuQmey je He
lunuD. mIw’a’vam Qun ghaH je *astraeus*‘e’.

*atlas* - volchaHDu’DajDaq chalmey qengmeH *atlas*, Qunvam raDpu’ *zeus*.
SIQtaHghach HovQeD je Qun ghaH *atlas*‘e’ net ‘Ir. *iapetus* puqloD ghaH.

*dione* - be ghaHbogh Qun’e’; *dodona*Daq De’ ‘otHa’meH Qun, nuv ghogh lo’,
nuvvam SeHtaHvIS. *dione* ghaH Qunvam’e’.

*helios* - loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; jul Qun, ‘Ipmey ‘avwI’ je ghaH.

*selene* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; maS Qun.

*eos* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; jajlo’ Qun.

*epimetheus* - vangpu’DI’ nuv, yabDajDaq nargh latlh qech/qechmey qoj
vangpu’ghachDaj pojqa’; ghu’vam/ghu’meyvam Qun ghaH *epimetheus*‘e’.
vangpu’DI’ nuv, QIj’eghmeH, meq/meqmey ngeb jatlh; ghu’vam vav ghaH

~ Dana'an
Zeus was, Zeus is, Zeus will be; o great Zeus!
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