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*Primordial Gods - part 2*

*Hypnos:* The personification of sleep.

*Nemesis:* The goddess of retribution.

*The Nesoi:* The goddesses of islands.

*Nyx:* The goddess of night.

*The Ourea:* The gods of mountains.

*Phanes:* The god of procreation in the Orphic tradition.

*Pontus:* The god of the sea, father of the fish and other sea creatures.

*Tartarus:* The god of the deepest, darkest part of the underworld, the
Tartarean pit (which is also referred to as Tartarus itself).

*Thalassa:* Personification of the sea and consort of Pontus.

*Thanatos:* God of death. Brother to Hypnos (Sleep) and Moros (Doom).

*Uranus:* The god of the heavens (Father Sky); father of the Titans.


*bI'reS Qunpu' - 'ay' cha'*

*hypnos:* loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; Qonglu’; ghu’vam ‘oS *hypnos*.

*nemesis*: be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; tuch bortaS Qun.

*nesoi:* be’ chaHbogh Qun’e’; ‘ambaymey Qunpu’.

*nyx:* be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; ram Qun.

*ourea:* loD chaHbogh Qun’e’; HuDmey Qunpu’.

*phanes:* loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; puq luboghmoHlu’meH, ngaghlu’; ghu’vam Qun
ghaH *phanes*‘e’ ‘e’ SovmoH *orphic* lurDech.

*pontus:* loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; bIQ’a’ Qun, ghotI’mey latlh bIQDepmey je vav.

*tartarus:* loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; bIng qo’Daq QemjIq’a’ rurbogh Daq le”e’
tu’lu’, ‘ej DaqvamvaD *tartarus* QemjIq’a’ ponglu’. *tartarus* QemjIq’a’
jaQ law’ Hoch bIng qo’ Daqmey jaQ puS, ‘ej QemjIq’a’vam Hurgh law’ Hoch
bIng qo’ Daqmey Hurgh puS. Daqvam Qun ghaH *tartarus*‘e’, ‘ej {*tartarus*
QemjIq’a’} Qoylu’DI’, {*tartarus*} yajlu’ je.

*thalassa*: be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; bIQ’a’ ‘oS *thalassa*, ‘ej *pontus* ‘Ipnal

*thanatos:* Hegh Qun. *hypnos* *moros* je loDnI’.

*uranus:* chalmey Qun (vav ghaHbogh chal’e’); *titans* vav.

~ Dana'an
Zeus was, Zeus is, Zeus will be; oh great Zeus!
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