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Tue Mar 30 08:30:08 PDT 2021

On 3/30/2021 11:16 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> Does anyone know if there are any restrictions on the meaning of {roDSer}, or if it’s just a mimic of all the versions of what “dimension” is in English?
> By that, I mean that a dimension can either be a number measuring length along one of three abstract axes that define a point in space according to one of two Western Science systems (the other which uses two angles and one length, instead of three lengths), or you might add another number to describe time (as if instants exist without duration), or it can be used in an even more abstract and/or fictional meaning to be some kind of reality outside of 3-D-plus-time “space/time continuum”, so that there could be some person invisibly standing right next to you “in another dimension”.
> Since Rod Sterling’s name is probably the root of {roDSer}, I’m sure that the more abstract meaning applies, but does this also apply to the simple linear measurement, like measuring the length of a disruptor rifle or the diameter of a blood pie?

As delivered at qep'a' 26, as reported by boQwI', *roDSer* "refers to a 
dimension within a coordinate system, not another dimension like in a 
parallel universe (for which see *'u' quq* (n) and *'u' Dop* (n))."

Don't look to the puns to explain the meanings of words. They're just puns.


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