[tlhIngan Hol] hellraiser bloodline - do I look like someone who cares what god thinks?

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Fri Mar 12 07:15:47 PST 2021

I've never seen a series/movie where the despair of a father for his child
is more evident on his face, than here, in this scene.

(puqDaj San lIbmo' QIlchoHpu' vav; pa'logh not 'e' chIwchu'bogh much/lut
mIr vIbej. 'a pImchu' hellraiser bloodline 'ay'vam. ngoQvam chIwchu').


- I don't know *who* or *what* you are... And I don't care. I just want my
wife and my kid back!

(Dep SoHbogh nuv SoHbogh ghap vIghovbe', 'ej jISaHbe'; 'a jIHvaD be'nalwI'
puqwI' je tItatlh. wa'vam neH vIneH!)

- Oh, I understand... How you love this boy. You have plans for him. Hopes
and dreams. A whole imagined future... Where you love him and watch him

(jIyajbej.. loDHomvam DamuSHa'qu'. ghaHvaD bInab; bItul 'ej 'op DapIH.
DaqeltaHvIS, tuchDaj Dajal. 'ej qaStaHvIS tuchvam, DamuSHa', 'ej nenchoH
'e' Datu')

- Yes.


- Then complete your work. Or though the boy will not die here, for a
thousand years his dearest wish will be that he had!

(vaj Qu'lIj yItur. naDev Heghbe' loDHom, 'ach DaH Heghpu' 'e' jInchu',
qaStaHvIS wa'SaD DIS!)

- For God's sake!

('e' neHbe' Qun!) (((Well would you look at that.. The {'e' neHbe' vavoy}
finally came in handy)))

- Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?

(Qun SaHbogh vay' vIrur'a'?)

- Just tell me what you want.


- The box. A pathway to hell... Made by an ancestor of yours. The room
downstairs... Potentially a bigger pathway. You will help... to fulfill its

(buq'Ir. ghe''or lojmIt'a'.. chenmoHlu'pu' wa' 'emrIghlIj. bIng pa'..
tInbogh lojmIt'a' mojlaH. SoH'e'.. 'IpDaj pabchu'meH.. bIQaH)

~ Dana'an
Ουαί υμίν γραμματείς και Φαρισαίοι υποκριταί
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