[tlhIngan Hol] hellraiser 1987 - we'll tear your soul apart

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ja'chuq pinhead kirsty je; rut jatlh je be' cenobite.

(ghIjchu'meH muchmey parchugh vay', vaj HaSta tavam bejbe'nIS)


- The box. You opened it. We came.
(buq'Ir; DapoSmoHta'. mapawpu'.)

- It's just a puzzle box!
(ngajrun buq'Ir neH 'oH!)

- Oh, no. It is a means to summon us.
(bImuj. wIrItlu'meH, SommI' 'oH).

- Who are you?
('Iv chaH?)

- Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to
(DI'ruj veHmey Hop nuDwI'pu'; maHvaD demons Dam 'op, angels Dam latlhpu').

- It was a mistake! I didn't mean to open it! It was a mistake! You can all
go to hell!
(jIQaghpu'! vIpoSmoHqangpu'be'! jIQaghpu'! ghe''or lujaH! Hoch!)

(female cenobite)
- We can't. Not alone.
(qItbe'; nIteb wIjaHlaHbe').

- You solved the box. We came. Now you must come with us. Taste our
(buq'Ir QapmeH Ho'DoS Datu'ta'; mapawpu'. DaH jutlhejnIS. belmeymaj

- Please... go away and leave me alone!
(Saqoy'.. naDevvo' yIghoS, 'ej HIlon!)

- Oh, no tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.
(oh, pagh mIn 'onroSmey; qatlhob. bIbechqu' 'e' Da'anmoH).

- Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait, please, wait!
(peloS! peloS! peloS! peloS, Saqoy', peloS!)

- No time for argument.
(maghoH; poH yap tu'lu'be').

- You've done it before, right?
(pa'logh, jaSHa' Suvangpu', qar'a'?)

- Many, many times.
(jaSHa' mavangpu', 'ej ghIq mavangqa'pu', 'ej ghIq mavangqa'pu').

- To a man called Frank Cotton?
(jaSHa' frank cotton loDvaD Suvangpu''a'?)

(female cenobite)
- Oh, yes.
(oh, HIja').

- He escaped you!
(tlhIHvo' narghta'!)

- Nobody escapes us.
(maHvo' nargh pagh).

- He did! I've seen him, I've seen him!
(narghta'! vIleghpu', vIleghpu'!)

- lmpossible!

- He's alive!

- Supposing he had escaped us. What has that to do with you?
(vabDot maHvo' narghta'chugh, chay' Dubop wanI'vam?)

- I can... I can lead you to him! And you can take him back instead of me!
(vISammoHlaH.. tlhIHvaD ghaH vISammoHlaH! 'ej ghe''orDaq ghaH botlhap;
tutlhap 'e' qa'!)

(female cenobite)
- Perhaps we prefer you!
(chaq SoH'e' pImaS!)

- I want to hear him confess himself, then maybe... maybe...
(DIS 'e' vIQoy vIneH; ghIq chaq.. chaq..)

(female cenobite)
- But if you cheat us..
('ach jungorchugh..)

- We'll tear your soul apart!
(qa'lIj wIvIrghchu'!)

~ Dana'an
remain klingon
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