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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Wed Jun 23 09:41:07 PDT 2021

On 6/23/2021 12:39 PM, luis.chaparro at web.de wrote:
> SuStel:
>>>> Or maybe he's saying the strength of others will always fail you: reH SoHvaD luj latlh HoS the strength of others will always fail for you.
>>> Could this sentence also be translated:*Another strength will always fail for you*?
>> Yes, it could, and I figured that meaning would be just as good.
> If we want this sentence to have*only*  the meaning*the strenght of others*  could we say:*latlhpu' HoS*? (In the singular maybe*latlh nuv HoS*?)

Yes, you could do that.


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