[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: qolqoS

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Fri Jun 11 09:09:21 PDT 2021

Klingon word: 	qolqoS
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	core of a group, the essential part of something; essence
Source: 	qep'a' wa'maH loSDIch

(ghunchu'wI', 7/29/2009):  There is no "fanatical" implication in {qolqoS}.  That was an initial guess at the meaning by Lawrence, which got the response "Not necessarily fanatical."  I have it glossed as "core, essence".  In the right context, I think "heart" could be an appropriate translation as well.

(Qov 8/02/2007):   qep'a'Daq <nuq 'oS?>, ghel 'anghal:  "When I told you that it would be a small qep'a', you wrote that that was okay, at least the {qolqoS} would be there.  It seems to mean 'fanatical core'."  jangchu'be' Okrand, jatlh:  "Perhaps not necessarily fanatical," 'ach SIbI' John Colicos ghov 'op.  Kor Da.  QIjtaHbe' Okrand, mon neH.
(ghunchu'wI' 08/07/2007):  mu' wIghoj:  tlhIngan Hol yejHaD qolqoS'e' maHlaw'.

[Lieven interviews Okrand, qepHom 2015 p.12]:  
   LLL:   Is this [SuqSIv 'core"] restricted to fruit, or can this also be used for the core of a planet, or the sun?
   MO:  Yes, it could be the core of anything, the inside of something (but of course not the core of a group, which we know is {qolqoS}). 

bay'eS 		inferior, subordinate (n)
vIlle' 		follower, disciple, fan, admirer, minion (n)
  - (Okrand to ghunchu'wI', 7/26/2009):  A {vIlle'}, on the other hand, is definitely someone you want to have around -- a follower, disciple, fan, admirer, minion.

For core ideas, etc. see:
ghanroq 	basis, foundation (n)
  - (qep'a' 2018):   underlying support for an idea, argument, or process, depending on context, could also be {meq} or {qolqoS}
  - (MO’s qepHom 2018 Video Interview):  It's the foundation of a philosophy. The basics on which somebody's thinking is based.

meq  		reason (logical thinking); motive; topic, subject, theme (n)
potlh 		consequential thing, something important (n)
qech 		idea (n)
nger 		theory (n)
qangtlhIn 	ideology, beliefs, principles, standards, ethics (n)

Voragh, Ca'Non Master of the Klingons
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    behind in updating my files and adding cross-references for related words.  

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