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Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, June 07, 2021

Klingon word: 	taH
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	be at a negative angle
Source: 	TKD

(HQ 11.2):  The attitude of a plane is its orientation relative to something, such as the {ghangwI'} "horizon". […]  The attitude of an aircraft is often talked about in terms of angles.  The word for angle is {tajvaj}.  Klingon {taH} means "be at a negative angle"/

(qurgh, 6/08/2004):  At SerentiyCon a couple of years back I got to spend the day with Marc. During his talk he had a Q and A session. No one was asking questions so I raised my hand and asked, with a smile, 'How can I be at a negative angle?' He replied, after a chuckle and a quick gloss of {taH} that it was referring to a ship, in space, that has rotated its nose downwards. It was moving in a negative angle. He went on to say that if it moved -90 degrees it would be pointing straight down. I believe I asked him why the word existed (or he volunteered it) and it had something to do with a line that was going to be spoken [in ST3], but was dropped later on. He didn't give the sentence though.

yoy 		be upside down (v)
Don 		be parallel, go parallel to (v)
lol 		be in an attitude (v)
tom 		be tilted (v)
  - "{tom} means to be tilted. If you change something's angle, you say
      {vItommoH}." (Lieven < MO, 12/02/2018)
qaw’ 		tip/flip over (v)

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