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On 6/22/2021 11:21 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> en
> The strength to survive must come from within. Others will always fail 
> you. Friends, family, fellow soldiers.. In the end each person must 
> stand alone. When in need look to the self.
> tlh
> tIq 'oHnIS taHmeH HoS mung'e'. reH nIbelHa'moH latlh.

In the English, /others/ is clearly not referring to the strength or the 
place within, so it obviously refers to other people. In your Klingon, 
on the other hand, it's not at all clear that *latlh* isn't referring to 
another heart or another origin.

*nIbe'HalmoH* also seems a poor substitute for /fail you./ Maybe *reH 
luj DuboQbogh nuv*/people who assist you will always fail./ Or maybe 
he's saying the strength of others will always fail you: *reH SoHvaD luj 
latlh HoS*/the strength of others will always fail for you./

> juppu', qorDu', latlh negh.. tagha' nIteb SIQnIS nuv.

I'd go with *tagha' nIteb SIQnIS Hoch nuv*/In the end, each person must 
endure alone/ or *tagha' nIteb SIQnIS nuv tlhIn*/In the end, an 
individual person must endure alone./

> bItaHnIStaHvIS, yIbuS'eghtaH.

You've changed a /when/ to a /while/ for no reason I can see.

Just as the original ties the first sentence with the last, talking 
about what's within, you should do the same in Klingon. *boQ DapoQDI', 
tIqlIj yIbuS*/When you require assistance, focus on your heart/ (the 
place you said was the origin of the strength to endure).


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