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Fri Jun 18 11:55:59 PDT 2021


>I think the difference is in putting the adjective before the noun. Fronting things tends to give them more emphasis or importance.
>In Klingon, since verbs take over the role of adjectives, and since verbs come before nouns in sentences, the verbs are already fronted. Even as a matter of this kind of fronting emphasis, basic sentences are preferable in Klingon (nong meHghem instead of meHghem nong 'oH).

Since in Spanish most adjectives come after the noun, I was actually thinking on the effect the relative clause has compared to an adjective. For me, *It's a passionate art which doesn't follow any set rules* is a sentence defining flamenco as a passionate art, and then adding some information about the sort of *passionate art* flamenco is. The emphasis goes on "passionate art". *This art is passionate and doesn't follow any set rules* is for me a sentence describing the art of flamenco with two qualities, passionate and not following any set rules. The emphasis goes equally on both qualities. I don't know if that reflects somehow in Klingon. Or maybe I'm just messing it up.

>Yes, that's right. The tendency thing is just my hunch about it, not something that people have agreed upon.

Noted! Since it's only a tendency, my first sentence (*DoyIchlanDaq tagha' loQ QaQ muD Dotlh*) was anyway right, I suppose. Is it also possible to separate both adverbials, e.g., *tagha' DoyIchlanDaq loQ QaQ muD Dotlh*?

>Another possibility, just to confuse you:
>motlhbogh meqmey 'ej luSovlu'bogh, ngeDbogh qechmey je 'ej Dajbogh
>topics that are usual and known, and ideas that are easy and interesting

It actually *clarifies* what I was asking :-) Thank you!

>The noun conjunction je joining meymey and qechmey follows the final noun. But honestly, if you're trying to string together something this long, it's probably better to think about how to break it into multiple sentences.

It was only an example to illustrate my question, but as I said before, I will try to think more in Klingon and get used to shorter sentences!

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