[tlhIngan Hol] object of the verb {SIS}

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 04:47:18 PDT 2021

At/in klingonska we read:



SIS.  In a way everyone was correct with this one.  It rained a few
times during the weekend, so we were put into the situation to discuss


All correct.  SISlu', altho grammaticlly correct, he didn't
particularly like.  Someone COULD use it but to me it sounds like they
skipped science class and don't know what the subject is.  You can
also give it an object and say things like the clouds rained down cats
and dogs. ...or something like that; you get the idea.  But when Marc
and I went outside and drops of water were falling on us, he looked up
and simply said "SIS".


But at/in the paq'batlh we read:

{ghIq QavwI'chaj DuQchu' qeylIS betleH chaHDaq SIStaHvIS negh 'Iw}
"Then Kahless's bat'leth pierced the last of them, showered with the
soldiers' blood".

Why is the {negh 'Iw} the subject of {SIStaHvIS}? Shouldn't it be its'
object? Shouldn't we have instead {negh 'Iw SIStaHvIS}?

~ Dana'an

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