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*Polybotes* - According to Apollodorus, he was crushed under Nisyros, a
piece of the island of Kos broken off and thrown by Poseidon. He is named
on two sixth century BC pots, on one (Getty 81.AE.211) he is opposed by
Zeus, on the other (Louvre E732) he is opposed by Poseidon carrying Nisyros
on his shoulder.

*Porphyrion* - According to Apollodorus, he was (along with Alcyoneus), the
greatest of the Giants. He attacked Heracles and Hera but Zeus "smote him
with a thunderbolt, and Hercules shot him dead with an arrow". According to
Pindar, who calls him "king of the Giants", he was slain by an arrow from
the bow of Apollo. He is named on a late fifth century BC cup from Vulci
(Berlin F2531), where he is battling with Zeus. He was also probably named
on the late sixth century BC Siphnian Treasury.

*Thoas* (or Thoon?) - According to Apollodorus, he was killed by the Moirai
(Fates) with bronze clubs.


*polybotes* - *kos* ‘ambay ‘ay’ wItlhpu’ *poseidon* (‘ay’vamvaD *nisyros*
ponglu’), *polybotes*Daq *nisyros* vo’pu’ *poseidon*, ‘ej *giant*vam tappu’
*kos* ‘ambay ‘ay’vam ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*. vatlh DIS poH javDIch (bov
vorgh) cha’ juH lo’ ngaSwI’ tu’lu’, ‘ej ngaSwI’meyvamDaq *polybotes* pong
tu’lu’: wa’Daq (*getty* 81.*ae*.211) *giant*vam qaD *zeus*, ‘ej latlhDaq (
*louvre* *e*732) *polybotes* qaD volchaHDajDaq *nisyros* qengbogh *poseidon*

*porphyrion* - *porphyrion* (*alcyoneus* je) Dun law’ Hoch *giants* Dun puS
‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*. *hera* *heracles* je HIvpu’ *porphyrion*, ‘ach
pe’vIl *giant*vam qIpmeH *zeus*, wa’ pe’bIl lo’pu’, ‘ej ghaHDaq wa’
naQjejHom baHpu’mo’ *heracles*, HoHpu’. *porphyrion*vaD *giants* voDleH
pong je *pindar*, ‘ej *giant*vam HoHpu’ wa’ *apollo* HurwI’ naQjejHom,
jatlhpu’ ghuQ qonwI’vam. Dorbogh vatlh DIS poH vaghDIch (bov vorgh) *vulci*
HIvje’Daq (berlIn *f*2531) *porphyrion* pong tu’lu’, ‘ej pa’ Suvchuq *zeus*
*porphyrion* je. Dorbogh vatlh DIS poH javDIch (bov vorgh) *siphnian*
*treasury*Daq pongDaj tu’lu’law’ je.

*thoas* (chaq thoon?) - luHoHmeH *moirai* (Sanpu’), jey’ Sorpuq jeqqIjmey
lo’pu’ ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*.

~ Dana'an
*Zeus*, *eternal god of Greece, father, light!*
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