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*Hippolytus* - According to Apollodorus, he was killed by Hermes, who was
wearing Hades' helmet which made its wearer invisible.

*Lion* or *Leon* - Possibly a Giant, he is mentioned by Photius (as
ascribed to Ptolemy Hephaestion) as a giant who was challenged to single
combat by Heracles and killed. Lion-headed Giants are shown on the
Gigantomachy frieze of the second century BC Pergamon Altar.

*Mimas* - According to Apollodorus, he was killed by Hephaestus. Euripides
has Zeus burning him "to ashes" with his thunderbolt. According to others
he was killed by Ares. "Mimos" -possibly in error for "Mimas"- is inscribed
(retrograde) on Akropolis 607. He was said to be buried under Prochyte.
Mimas is possibly the same as the Giant named Mimon on the late sixth
century BC Siphnian Treasury, as well as on a late fifth century BC cup
from Vulci (Berlin F2531) shown fighting Ares. Several depictions in Greek
art, though, show Aphrodite as the opponent of Mimas.


*hippolytus* - *giant*vam HoHpu’ *hermes* ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*. ngugh
*hades* mIv tuQtaH *hermes*, ‘ej mIvvammo’ *hermes* leghlaHbe’taH
*hippolytus*: mIvvam tuQchugh vay’, vay’vam leghlaH pagh.

*lion/leon* - chaq *giant* ghaH *lion*‘e’/*leon*‘e’. SuvchuqmeH ghaH
*heracles* je, *giant*vam qaDpu’ *heracles*, ‘ej ghIq HoHpu’ Subvam;
Hochvam SovmoH *ptolemy* *hephaestion*, jatlh *photius*. vatlh DIS poH
cha’DIch (bov vorgh) *pergamon* ‘anmoHmeH qachDaq tutmey DungDaq SaSbogh
mISjennegh ‘ejvoH vaS tu’lu’; pa’ *giant* noH ‘aghlu’, ‘ej *lion* nach bIH
*giants*vam nach’e’.

*mimas* - *mimas* HoHpu’ *hephaestus* ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*. *giant*vam
meQchu’pu’mo’ *zeus* pe’bIl, tIpqan mojpu’, jatlhpu’ *euripides*, ‘ach
*mimas* HoHpu’ *ares* ‘e’ luHar latlh. *akropolis* 607Daq *mimos* pong
tu’lu’, ‘ach chaq *mimas* pong qonlu’pu’ neHlu’, ‘ej Qaghlu’pu’; pa’ Dop
*mimos* pong ngutlh Qur. *prochyte* bIngDaq *giant*vam mollu’pu’ net jatlh.
Dorbogh vatlh DIS poH javDIch (bov vorgh) *siphnian* *treasury*Daq Dorbogh
vatlh DIS poH vaghDIch (bov vorgh) *vulci* (berlIn *f*2531) HIvje’Daq je
wa’ *giant*vaD *mimon* ponglu’, ‘ej chaq rap *mimas* *mimon* je. *ares* Suv
*mimon* ‘e’ ‘agh *vulci* HIvje’vam. ‘ach *aphrodite* ghaH *mimas* ghol’e’
‘e’ ‘agh ‘op ‘elaDya’ meHghem mIllogh.

~ Dana'an

*the day will come when Apollo will return and stay forever*
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