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*Eurytus* - According to Apollodorus, he was killed by Dionysus with his

*Gration* - According to Apollodorus, he was killed by Artemis. His name
may have been corrupted text, as various emendations have been suggested,
including Aigaion ("goatish", "stormy"), Eurytion ("fine flowing", "widely
honored") and Rhaion ("more adaptable", "more relaxed").

*Hopladamas* or *Hopladamus* - Possibly named (as Hoplodamas) on two vases
dating from the second quarter of the sixth century BC, on one (Akropolis
607) being speared by Apollo, while on the other (Getty 81.AE.211)
attacking Zeus. Mentioned (as Hopladamus) by the geographer Pausanias as
being a leader of Giants enlisted by the Titaness Rhea, pregnant with Zeus,
to defend herself from her husband Cronus.


*eurytus* - *eurytus* HoHpu’ *dionysus*, ‘ej HoHmeH, naQDaj (*thyrsus*)
lo’pu’. De’vam SovmoH *apollodorus*.

*gration* - *giant*vam HoHpu’ *artemis* ‘e’ SovmoH *apollodorus*. bI’reS
chaq pIm pongDaj, ‘ach ghItlh wa’DIch lughItlhHa’lu’pu’mo’, tagha’ ghaHvaD
*gration* ponglu’. vaj ghItlhvam lulughmoHlu’meH, *giant*vamvaD ‘op pong
pIm chuplu’pu’: *aigaion* (gha’cher rurbogh vay”e’, jevwI’), *eurytion*
(ghItchu’wI’, vay”e’ luquvmoHbogh nuv law’), *rhaion* (bItlhqu’laHwI’,
leSqu’wI’), latlh pongmey je.

*hopladamas/hopladamus* - qaStaHvIS vatlh DIS poH javDIch bID wa’DIch bID
cha’DIch (bov vorgh), cha’ lo’ law’ ngaSwI’ luchenmoHlu’pu’, ‘ej
ngaSwI’meyvamDaq ghaHvaD *hoplodamas* ponglu’law’; wa’ ngaSwI’Daq (
*akropolis* 607) *giant*vam DuQ *apollo* (DuQmeH naQjej lo’), ‘ej latlhDaq (
*getty* 81.*ae*.211) *zeus* HIv *hoplodamas*. *giant*vam DeltaHvIS
*pausanias* yuQtej, ghaHvaD *hopladamus* pong lo’taH; jatlhpu’ yuQtejvam:
yatlhtaHvIS *rhea* (*titan* ghaH *rhea*‘e’), ‘ej porghDaj qoDDaq *zeus*
qengtaHvIS, *cronus*mo’ (loDnalDaj) Hub’eghnIS, vaj ngoQvam chavmeH *rhea*,
*hopladamus* (*giants* DevwI’ ghaHbogh) muvmoH.

~ Dana'an
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