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Sun Jul 25 04:19:42 PDT 2021


> Okrand never fully explained this, and casually looking at examples, it looked like if a verb with {-meH} applied to a noun, giving the purpose of the noun, it was infinitive, but if it gave the purpose of a main clause (in other words, gave the purpose of a verb), then you had to use a prefix or {-lu’}, like all other uses of verbs in the language because the canon examples clearly are not infinitive.

> Anyway, a more complete collection of canon includes examples of apparent infinitives giving the purpose of clauses and obvious not infinitives giving the purpose of nouns, so if there are actual guidelines for dealing with these two different personalities of verbs with {-meH} applied, Okrand has not clarified the rule or given us canon that makes it clear.

> This is definitely one of the least clearly defined areas of Klingon grammar, but we get by, anyway.

Thanks to your reply and SuStel's I was able to gain a good overview of this problem. Finding the right information is sometimes very difficult and this email list is a great help with that!

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