[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: quH

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Fri Jul 9 08:54:18 PDT 2021

Klingon word: 	quH
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	heritage

  tuQtaHvIS Hem. ghaHvaD quHDaj qawmoH. He wears it proudly as a reminder of his heritage. S20

  "Klingons revere their ancestors, respect their elders, and have unparalleled veneration for heritage." (KGT 133)

  "Honoring his heritage, a member of the House of Mogh proudly displays its insignia." (KGT 62 ill.)

  "Younger Klingons, while accepting their heritage and observing the ancient rites, see some aspects of their elders' behavior and beliefs as, if not obsolete, then just old-fashioned." (KGT 133)

  "The sash represents a Klingon's heritage. If the sash is removed, so is the Klingon's ancestral identity, and, along with it, his or her dignity and self-esteem." (KGT 123)

  "Klingon society is a stratified one. That is, there are clear distinctions between those with great wealth and influence and those with little or none. This sort of status is a matter of inheritance." (KGT 36)

  "Kahless left us, all of us, a powerful legacy. A way of thinking and acting that makes us Klingon. If his words hold wisdom and his philosophy is honorable, what does it matter if he returns? What is important is that we follow his teachings. Perhaps the words are more important than the man." (Kahless II to Worf, TNG "Rightful Heir)

'ISyar 		legacy (n)
qun 		history, career (n)
lurDech 	tradition (n)
wIch 		myth, legend (n)
paQDI'norgh 	teachings (n)
no' 		ancestors [pl.; sg. qempa']

'at 		inherit (v)

  “Take away a nation's heritage and they are more easily persuaded.” (Karl Marx)

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