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Fri Jul 9 08:22:14 PDT 2021

> My guess (and it's only a guess) is that
> be'wI' my woman would be acceptable to
> Klingons in the same way it seems
> acceptable to you in Greek.

This is indeed a complex matter, showing how each person from a different
country, can use Klingon in a different way, leading often to the whole
discussion going to hell.

Sometime in the past I'd written "While the men where fighting, the women
of Kronos knitted socks", which sentence I'd written, because in the second
world war the women of Greece made the soldiers' clothes.

While *all* the women of Greece (including the most radical feminists) are
proud of their contribution, a person who back then was on this list,
decided to take this as an insult to all women, writing something which I
find worthless of repetition.

Some people should realize that we're not obligated to follow whatever
conventions the English language follows when writing in Klingon. And no
one is to be expected to know the intricacies of each country's way of

In this list there's a person from Italy, a person from Spain, a person
from Japan, a person from Germany, a person from Sweden..

Each has his own national/cultural background, which in turn will
unavoidably influence the way he writes in Klingon.

If someone is offended, then before starting to react, he/she could do what
people usually do in such occasions:

Ask for clarification.

~ Dana'an
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