[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "bloodline"

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Thu Jul 29 05:40:44 PDT 2021

> How about {tuq}?
> What “sequence” are you feeling? If I understand the term “bloodline” correctly,
> I think {nortlham} is the right word. Doesn’t it just refer to direct descendents?

To be honest, since we don't use in Greek the word "bloodline" I can't
claim that I understand the English word 100%. One could use in Greek
this word, and given the right context I guess one could understand
the desired meaning, but it would sound strange.

To demonstrate my understanding of the English "bloodline", I'll
describe how I came to learn this word:

The first time I heard it, was in the title of "Hellraiser:
Bloodline"; there, the word is used to describe this situation: in the
middle ages there's a French toymaker, who creates a cube, and then
the movie has to do with the direct line/succession of descendants
starting from that guy.

So, when I hear "bloodline", I understand "person A parents person B,
then person B parents person C, then C parents D, and so on..". I
understand a succession.

Suppose now I want to say "Gowron's bloodline". If I write {ghawran
tuq}, then I "feel" that this includes all the non-blood related
people who married the blood-related descendants of Gowron.

Now, true, I could write {ghawran nortlhampu'}, and this
seemingly/apparently would focus only on the blood-related people in
the gowron lineage. But I "feel" that writing {ghawran nortlhampu'}
refers to a whole group of descendants being considered at once, while
"gowron's bloodline" is supposed to make the listener focus on the
succession of descendancy as in "gowron fathered A, then A fathered B,
then B fathered C, etc".

Anyways, perhaps I got this all wrong (since we don't use "bloodline"
in Greek), so charghwI' and ghunchu'wI' , if you tell me that
"Gowron's bloodline" is *exactly* the same with {ghawran nortlhampu'},
then I'll be happy to accept it, since English is your native

So, is it? As Americans, when you hear "gowron's bloodline", and then
{ghawran nortlhampu'}, do you "feel" these two phrases to be *exactly*
the same?

~ Dana'an
klingon, bingon, no difference at all..

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