[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "the nerve of this guy"

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Jul 13 07:19:51 PDT 2021

On 7/13/2021 10:03 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> loghaD:
>> The closest direct equivalent of "nerve" in this sense is probably {butlh}
>> ("gall; dirt under one's fingernails"). However, this is generally seen as quite a positive trait to have
> Yes, I thought of using {butlh} too, but then the problem was indeed
> that it's a positive trait to have.
> Perhaps we could say something like {mutIch chaballIj} "your desire
> insults me", although again this doesn't seem to capture adequately
> the meaning of the "nerve" as described in the aforementioned car
> example. Or perhaps we could say {mumer chaballIj, 'ej mutIch} "your
> desire surprises and insults me". I don't know.. I can't seem to be
> able to think of anything better.

Maybe just shake your fist and shout, *taHqeq!*


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